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Bet on efficient, automated and fully digitized business management!
Moduły programu do zarządzania finansami


Take control over all budget layers of your company. Accept employees’ financial requests. Split the budget into spending targets. Bet on efficient budget management.



Create a summary of ordered products and services. Carry out purchases in accordance with the signed contracts. Prevent cooperation with accidental suppliers. Make decisions based on a reliable summary of costs.



Business Zone reduces the time needed to complete the ‘procure to pay ’ process up to as much as 85%. You can approve company operations from any place in the world. The rest will be done for you by the Business Zone’s system created to manage business processes from start to finish.


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SUPPLIER REGISTERCooperate with reliable companies only

The register of suppliers and contracts is the starting point for the order fulfillment process. Enter supplier data into B-Zone before you start the purchasing processes. Before starting the ‘procure to pay’ process, request financial data from the supplier through the B-Zone platform.

CENTRAL CONTRACT REPOSITORYForget about paper documents

Create your own set of documents in the Business Zone system.The file folder is an electronic briefcase of documents related to cooperation with suppliers. In here, you can collect contracts entered into with the supplier, data from qualification packages or a document about not being in arrears with ‘ZUS’ (Social Insurance Institution) or analysis of money laundering.

BUDGETSManage your company’s budget efficiently

Through the Expenses module, you can grant authorisation to spend the budget on specific expense targets.Each of them will be automatically linked to the accounting transaction record. Budgeting of financial asset has never been so easy (discover one simple way - see here).

ORDERSCreate a list of ordered products and services

In the Business Zone system you will find many useful tools that will facilitate execution of orders and requests at your company. Your employees from branches all over the world can use the B-Zone platform to purchase specific products and services.

SOURCINGPlan the path to purchase

Manage purchasing processes that require a formal purchase path. Reduce the time it takes to approve a purchase request. Decide from what amount your company's transactions require reprocessing. Allow the Business Zone system to process them for you.

INVOICESImprove your payment process

The B-Zone system begins processing your invoice as soon as it is received. It captures and saves the data from the invoice. Then it verifies whether the data on the received invoice is correct, consistent with the order and its execution. The invoice processing finishes with sending information about possible payment to the financial and accounting system.

CONTRACTORSReduce hiring processes

In the contractors module you will issue requests for order execution by a contractor. Companies you cooperate with will check which contractors you need and will offer you their services. From now on finding the right contractor will take you much less time.

HUMAN RESOURCESControl bonuses and salaries of your employees

Let Business Zone system verify how much it really costs the company to pay salaries for all employees. Do you want to give an employee a raise? Business Zone system will verify whether the planned raise will not disturb the company's profitability.

REPRESENTATION AND PROCURATION RIGHTS, OWN ACTSGrant representation and procuration rights in an electronic form

Grant representation and procuration rights to your employees. Specify the duration of their validity and determine what share of the budget can be managed by an employee with representation or procuration rights. Will you be absent from work? No problem, representation and procuration rights can be granted without leaving your home.

REPORTSTake right business decisions

In the Business Zone system you will benefit from a reporting zone. Every stage of the ‘procure to pay’ process is subject to reporting. Reports are useful in the work of management staff. Information collated in a report will allow you to make business decisions based on a reliable summary of costs.

SYSTEM MANAGEMENTTailor the Business Zone system to your company’s needs

Configure your business processes to align them with the processes in your company. Define exceptions, use purchasing modes and adjust purchasing priority to the needs of each department.

CONFIGURATORGet the necessary declarations from suppliers

In the configurator you will create specialized forms for your cooperation with suppliers. For example, if you entrust a supplier with sensitive data during service delivery, you may need to prepare a GDPR form. The form can be filled out by the supplier directly in the Business Zone system, without the need to organize a meeting.


Find out what areas of work are optimized by Business Zone

The B-Zone system combines many areas in one place to support the entire procure to pay process. Business Zone is a comprehensively developed IT solution. The number of system conveniences affects the professionalism of the entire process, including expenditures, budgets, requisitions, orders and purchases. All relevant pieces of information are available in the Business-Zone to keep the inspection process running smoothly and the organization could work in a digitized way. You will not waste your time implementing additional systems.

The purchase process usually begins with collecting the funds required for its implementation. The B-Zone system allows you to manage the company's budget. You will distribute your funds among individual business sectors. Each company using the B-Zone platform independently sets the amount from which transactions that require a formal purchase path start. On this basis, authorized employees will be able to create purchase requisitions. And what is needed to create such a requisition? A product and a supplier. You can prepare a list of suppliers, products and services directly in the B-Zone system. You will enter product prices, information on order fulfillment dates or process the purchase initiative.


The Business Zone system has a real impact on optimizing the working time and costs of business processes.

Implementation of the B-Zone system in the company significantly accelerates the execution of business processes. The KPIs of our customers are going up. Numbers speak for themselves and our clients gladly share the changes they have noticed in the completion rate of their business processes.

B-Zone users can optimize the time it takes to complete the ‘procure to pay’ process - imagine that B-Zone is able to reduce processing time by more than 85%. The B-Zone system makes the work of the company more efficient, for instance, a P2P process that used to take four months is now completed within a week. The fact that our contractors have achieved such a good work result clearly shows that the B-Zone system completely fulfills its role.

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