Kofax Capture

Automatic capture of information from printed or electronic documents - easy, fast and precise.

Automation of business processes

Przepływ dokumentów w firmie

Kofax Capture automates and accelerates business processes by capturing and registering all kinds of paper documents as well as forms and electronic documents. Kofax Capture can transfer the captured data to various IT systems, which is reflected in their practical use. Information flow within any organization is essential to take proper operational actions.

Cost optimization

The use of Kofax Capture can significantly lower company costs and at the same time improve workflow. Kofax Capture is flexible and scalable. It is these features which allow our clients to work efficiently in a friendly environment whether they work from homes or at company branches.

Technical aspects of the product

Kofax Capture comes with the latest mechanisms of scanning, indexing and separating documents. The default built-in mechanism is full-text reading of the OCR and ICR documents as well as zone reading. Kofax Capture allows barcodes (one and two-dimensional), patch-codes and predefined forms (e.g. reading questionnaires, contract notes or invoices) to be recognized. Kofax Capture is also equipped with automatic indexing mechanisms, such as data retrieval from external databases, default value completion, drop-down lists and dependent drop-down lists, calendar, etc. It is also worth noting that Kofax Capture uses advanced mechanisms of separating a packet of documents inserted into the scanner. Scanned documents can be separated based on barcodes, separator pages and form recognition. Kofax Capture also has a built-in quality control module for scanned documents, a document validation module and a batch management module (packages of scanned documents).

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