Kofax Express

Main key to accomplish success is efficient document management


Skanowanie faktur do programu księgowego

Replace tons of papers with practical digital versions.
Improve business processes, reduce costs, improve document management and become independent from paper. Anyone can quickly scan, index and export documents in order to find the needed information.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Improve processes of digitalization and increase productivity with a single click in Kofax Express.

Scalability of the image transition process
Increase scan rate with support functions which transition images and scan them at the same time.

Benefits: Why clients choose Kofax Express?

Easy adaptation
You can use the same interface as is in Microsoft’s applications. Gain access to many functions of Kofax Express with only one click.

Quick processing of documents
Teach Kofax Express to locate key pieces of information in any document, save their location and then read data from other, similar documents.

Direct integration operations
Index, classify and deliver documents and data to over 100 different systems in order to find information easily and quickly. Kofax Express handles direct integration with Kofax Capture™ and provides an API interface for advanced export operations.

Edit pictures in high quality
Use the SmoothView™ technology to transition document images. With the integrated Kofax VirtualReScan® (VRS) technology, pictures will look much better than their original paper versions without the need to prepare them for scanning beforehand.

Functions: How can Kofax Express help?

Point and click Scan again
When scanning pages with folded corners or sticky notes, or when double scanning of a given document is detected, Kofax Express is able to rescan only that document without rescanning the whole group of documents.

Flexible and automatic separation of documents
Load the documents into the scanner's feeder, and Kofax Express will automatically split them into individual groups based on special codes, barcodes or blank pages eliminating the need to scan documents one by one.

VRS correction
When Kofax Express detects a low quality document, which cannot be converted into a readable image, the VRS correction feature marks the image for further control and correction without the need to scan the document again.

Improved barcode readability
Kofax Express allows the most frequently used 1D and 2D barcodes to be correctly read, even when they are half-covered with stamps, handwriting or coffee stains. Colour scanning improves the precision of the process allowing flawless reading of barcodes in low resolutions.

Visual Undo History
This feature shows individual steps of document processing, which have been completed or undone for every document image.

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