Kofax FraudOne

Precisely detection cheque-frauds and reduction a risk of their success


Ochrona danych finansowych

Detecting counterfeit cheques for financial institutions
Ordinary alternatives of cheque settling verify only legal and honorific limits of check amounts of risk scores and can cause false alarms. The Kofax FarudOne software improves detection of false cheques thanks to the use of a unique fraud assessment mechanism, which can be combined with other fraud verification engines in order to detect complex fraud diagrams more precisely.

Minimizing fraud exposure
Elastic methods of fraud detection applied continuously to the processes of capturing and settling while the transaction develops, such as mobile deposits.

Reducing the cost of expensive manual controls.
Reducing time-consuming manual controls thanks to a solution which separates suspected items from the right ones.

Benefits: Why do clients choose Kofax FraudOne

An improvement of client service and loyalty
Increasing client trust by protecting against falsified signatures, checking differences and detecting false variances.

Increased productivity
Identification of an increased number of suspected cheques in a short period of time and verification of all of the cheques with greater accuracy, not only amounts with high values.

Ensured insight into fraud detection and prevention
The fraud threat assessment uses indicators to analyze ready sets of reports to detect counterfeit cheques. While using Kofax FraudOne, standard reports can be upgraded and unique sets of reports for customized analyses can be developed.

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