A key feature, which leads to success is the ability to manage documents efficiently

Improvement of document circulation

Electronic document archive

The Alfresco company has launched its open-source solution - an innovative ECM/DMS tool, which facilitates efficient management of documents. The implementation of the Alfresco System into everyday work of any enterprise means moving your paper document archive to an electronic archive, which can be stored on the enterprise’s own server or in the cloud. This solution enables entrepreneurs to limit the number of paper documents and the costs of keeping a paper archive. Digitalization, that is opting for an electronic archive, is most of all optimization of costs but also the first step towards automation of document processing. Alfresco allows your company to locate important documents quickly and search through them for content or unique data. Replacing an inconvenient paper archive with the Alfresco System will let you get rid of unnecessary piles of paper, increase work comfort and improve management of office space. The Alfresco solution comes with the following products: Alfresco One, Alfresco in the Cloud and Alfresco Mobile. Users of mobile applications can access all necessary documents regardless of where they are at the moment.

Less time spent on finding information

After implementing the Alfresco System at your enterprise, the work of your team will be based on modern solutions such as Content Management, Enterprise Collaboration, Information Governance and Process Management. Digitalization of documents with Alfresco allows subsequent automatization of business processes, in which electronic documents and information captured from them are present. By implementing Alfresco at your company you will achieve the goal of more efficient management of documents. No matter where you are, you can quickly locate important documents and improve the overall performance of your company. Sometimes one, impossible to locate document may leave a bad impression in the eyes of a strategic client. It’s obvious that such situations should be avoided. Documents sorted with the Alfresco application let you organize your work time better and find needed content easier.

Technical aspects of the product

Alfresco significantly facilitates efficient management of documents, which are essential for any enterprise. With Alfresco tools, you can conduct process analyses, visualize them and create analytical tables. The advanced build-in search function lets you search through document contents quickly and check user permissions for using the document. With Alfresco your data is always safe. The application is highly configurable. You can integrate it with many business processes in an easy way.

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