IT CONSULTINGAnalysis of your business needs

AUDITBusiness processes & DMS

POST-AUDIT RECOMMENDATIONSDocument with analysis & Project plan

PUT OUT THE POSTAUDIT FIREQuick development & Monitoring, Reports

Information system implementation plan


Correct diagnosis of client needs is the first step to mutual success!

IT Consulting

  • interview and recognition of your expectations towards cooperation,
  • recognition of needs and problems in your business,
  • precise analysis of IT needs and outsourcing needs,
  • requirement analysis to increase data safety,

  • business requirement analysis - data access and company management,
  • IT Consulting to find the best solution,
  • consulting and solutions tailored to company needs,
  • precise planning, which saves your time.


  • analysis of your company’s IT environment,
  • verification of IT assets,
  • identification of your technical and economic needs,
  • recognition of possible problems and risks,

  • presentation of the best solutions,
  • development of assumptions needed for project development,
  • plan development,
  • Your approval!

Post audit recommendations

After the audit there comes the time to learn about the project plan in detail. If you come up with any remarks, we can consult them and apply your suggested corrections to the project. We recommend getting familiar with document analyses and project plans. It will noticeably improve our work and offer you the possibility of implementing new IT solutions inside your business in a much faster way.

Put out the post audit fire

It’s time to bring your project into life. It is here where the agile programming process at SKILL AND CHILL begins. We work hard to deliver tangible business value in a short amount of time. The whole implementation process is based on monitoring and reporting work progress. You can view all stages of business value development. Our skills let you breathe and feel comfortable when working with SKILL AND CHILL. We take care of your CHILLOUT at each stage of project development.