Scanning consultancy
We set the bar high, which involves conducting a thorough analysis that determines the subsequent implementation of dynamic data and document capture. It is important to incorporate the company’s existing business needs and processes into the solution. Such an approach allows creating a solution, which from scratch is prepared for the upcoming changes in its environment. It is important because captured data or documents constitute input data for important processes occurring within the company, for instance, processes of accepting invoices, handling requests, claims or general customer correspondence.
Enterprise Content Management - why is consultation important?
SKILL & CHILL provides you with consultants who are fully trained and certified. They have over 15 years of experience in this area, as well as in the areas of document management systems (DMS), business process management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI). Our consultants approach is fully focused on understanding the clients and their needs, which translates into measurable benefits from the very first day of cooperation.
    Our consultants will provide support at the highest level in the following areas:
  • Assistance in using the full potential of the system in the existing environment,
  • Help and advice to effectively modernize an existing solution,
  • Starting a new project and ensuring its long-term benefits.
Implementation - SKILL & CHILL’s principles
Successful implementation of a data and document capture and processing system requires an understanding of the business environment in which it is run. It is important to use an appropriate implementation methodology and to apply a few basic principles that significantly reduce the risk of project failure.
  • Among these principles we put a strong emphasis that all involved in the project learn about the capabilities of the applied technology,
  • It must be understood how the applied technology fits into the whole ECM strategy within the organization,
  • The supplier must have time to fully understand the client’s business specifics,
  • A “proof of concept” project should be launched in order to confirm the business assumptions and the client’s better understanding of the technology used,
  • Functional expectations must be clearly defined and approved by all project stakeholders. Confirmation is required that they are within the designated and negotiated budget,
  • Time frames for the project should be realistic and defined in detail,
  • End users must be consulted during the design process.
  • Upgrade- why should you have the latest version of your system?
    Most software manufacturers devote the greater part of their income to research and development, as does our partner company KOFAX. The undeniable advantage of successive software versions is access to new features and technological innovations. Software upgrades usually include a seamless installation, but preparation for upgrades in complex production environments is usually more difficult. The SKILL & CHILL team can boast about its extensive experience in carrying out upgrades in complex and large installations, thus avoiding many unpleasant surprises and optimizing the maintenance work in this area.
    Support - is it essential?
    Access to technical expertise is essential in any organization. Problems usually arise when you least expect them. Based on our experience and constant access to technical information on products we implement, the SKILL & CHILL team is able to help, especially when the availability and knowledge of consultants depends on meeting deadlines related to business processes within the organization. We provide phone and email support as well as direct problem solving at client’s premises.
    Convenient and fast access to any document
    Documents are stored for retrieval when needed. Searching for a specific document in a large database can be difficult or even impossible unless you have an EDMS. Convenient and quick access to a document is the main purpose of an EDMS.
    Workflow improvement
    Business processes typically involve the flow of documents from the company to partners or customers, from department to department within the company, and from person to person within a department. Different people involved in the process will need to refer to such documents in order to correctly perform the task planned for them in the process. A well-planned and efficient document flow can significantly speed up business processes and improve their quality.
    Analytical data sources
    One of the most important components of a BI solution is the Data Warehouse. It is a thematically defined, integrated, time-varying yet persistent collection of data. The concept of Data Marts is also related to Data Warehouse. It can be said that Data Marts are mini data warehouses whose scope is limited to data from a selected range, for example: concerning one department or a division. The correct approach to building Data Marts assumes that they are created from a Data Warehouse in order to provide the so-called single version of truth (i.e. there should be one version of data on the same subject).
    Data Mining (advanced business intelligence)
    The advanced business analytics layer is an element that is just entering the schematics of a standard Business Intelligence architecture. Aspects of this layer alone have been known and used for a long time. Nowadays, issues such as Data Mining are becoming an integral part of BI solutions, and related analyses and reports are made available through the reporting and visualization layers, e.g. on management dashboards or in the form of individual reports.
    Reporting and visualization
    An important component of BI are applications, which provide data analysis in the form of reports, or management dashboards. Typically, dashboards show the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the business. Dashboards are structured screens that contain numbers, metrics, charts and KPIs. Cockpits can be tailored to a specific objective or viewpoint. The point of view is taken to be both an individual view and a view from a general level, i.e. a department or a division. Essential features of management dashboards are a configurable interface and the ability to download real-time data from multiple sources.
    Importance of Workflow for ECM
    Nowadays, in order to grow and improve, you need to win the battle against your competitors and plan your company’s work in an efficient manner. Many companies have implemented the real value of workflow automation as a solution to meet the challenges of the business environment. Workflow automation systems allow you to optimize your company’s work and its business areas. Important elements of workflow systems are process management, document flow and data exchange. Workflow automation systems enable companies to move to a new level of efficiency and productivity by automating repetitive and mundane tasks.