Automatic conversion of documents into a user-friendly format.

Improvement of the data transfer process

Program do konwertowania tekstu

The I.R.I.S system is a smart, high quality compression technology. Using the programme allows you to convert documents into their new selected format. The use of this solution enables fast conversion and therefore affects the improvement of data flow in your company. Implementation of the programme in the company's daily work allows you to adapt every document format to current user needs. Document conversion allows you to view its content anywhere in the world and on any device.

Facilitated document reading

The main benefit of implementing the I.R.I.S system in the company is to improve document flow. Using document compression will make you stop worrying about whether you can open the document you receive. It doesn’t matter if your software supports a given document format i. Using conversion, the I.R.I.S system makes the format of the document compliant with the capabilities of your software. This way, you can easily access important data.

Technical aspects of the product

The document image is processed into a new document in the chosen format. Using the I.R.I.S solution allows you to convert documents (colour or black&white) of uncompressed formats, JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF and PDF image into PDF or XPS. By using the I.R.I.S solution you can also reduce the document size. The programme is based on a smart conversion algorithm that decides on each element during image processing (for instance: background and foreground text, lines of text, etc.). The use of an I.R.I.S solution allows you to keep perfect readability of the processed document.

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