Mailbox Monitor

Robotization of electronic invoice processing

What is Mailbox Monitor?

Programy do rozliczania faktur Mailbox Monitor is responsible for integration of invoice processing systems. Mailbox Monitor plays a crucial role in processing of e-invoices. The main tasks and functionalities of Mailbox monitor are to capture invoice documents from email messages which are sent to dedicated email boxes and extract data from the invoice document. Nowadays companies very often decide to implement systems featuring automatic processing of e-invoices. Implementation of this solution significantly reduces paper consumption and at the same time brings economic benefits. Mailbox Monitor brings in an immense dose of business value in the form of its ability to be integrated with Kofax Capture, Kofax KTM, mail servers handling e-mail boxes and tools for managing the client’s business processes. The level of integration provided by the Mailbox Monitor application with mail clients and document data capture systems allows the entire invoice processing to be automated. In practise, it means there’s less work spent on processing a given invoice. The whole process is computerized, thus manual workload is minimal.

Process role of Mailbox Monitor - What role does Mailbox Monitor have in invoice processing?

Mailbox Monitor can be integrated with the company’s designated email inbox and then it creates business processes for received invoices. When setting up the Mailbox Monitor app, the user indicates which email addresses and domains will be used to deliver invoices. Using the Mailbox Monitor solution provides protection against extortion, because Mailbox Monitor identifies whether the domain, from which the message was delivered, is on the senders list. Invoices delivered from unknown sources won’t be processed. If a message containing an attachment is delivered from a specific domain or a specific email address, Mailbox Monitor downloads the sent attachment and, depending on its configuration, creates one or more invoice business processes. Attachments (mostly in .pdf format) are attached by Mailbox Monitor to the created invoice process. What does the creation of invoice processing with the use of the Mailbox Monitor looks like:

  1. Mailbox is constantly monitoring the company’s mailbox.
  2. A message is delivered to the email inbox.
  3. Mailbox receives an email message containing an attachment.
  4. Based on the received email message, the Mailbox Monitor application creates an invoice workflow in the client’s invoice processing system.
So far, data obtained from the invoice hasn’t been filled in. The process contains only the attachment. The next step is to recognise the attached invoice. Mailbox Monitor starts recognition of the attachment in the Kofax system. After recognising the invoice, Kofax uses data from the invoice to fill them in the company’s business system. Kofax is able to recognize the following fields of the document: invoice number, VAT number, net value, gross value, data of issue. The Kofax application adapts its invoice recognition process to a given VAT number. In the Kofax system, invoice recognition methods are defined according to its sender. Every company (sender) uses its own invoice template. The defined templates are referred to as ,,document classes”.
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