Order flow process

Take control of demand and the order flow process

We enhance working on orders

Elektroniczny obieg dokumentów Order and documents flow process will make the job easier for people managing orders in your company and for people placing those orders. Automation of order flow will speed up decision making related to order execution. Automation of order flow enhances work flow. Thanks to a wider control over the budget, you will eliminate the risk of overspending. Selected employees will be able to control the entire process of the order. You can manage the process from any place in the world. The system also works on mobile devices.

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Path of handling order process

The E-order flow process optimizes purchases in your company. Handling of the order begins with stating your demand. Then the orders get verified and await confirmation from an authorized person. The process ends with reception of an invoice.

An employee sends a purchase application. Then the application is automatically sent to an authorized person. Next, the person analyzes the application and confirms it or sends it back to fill the blanks. The employee can follow the process of analyzing. After it ends, the employee receives information about confirmation or rejection of the application.

Then the application turns into an order. The order is sent to the supplier or sent to multiple suppliers for bidding. The supplier can send an invoice through email or share it on a specified portal. Using a specified portal allows us to automatically assign the invoice to the processed order. The invoice is sent to the employee, who after checking it, forwards it to the accounting department. That's the entire e-order flow process .
Elektroniczne przechowywanie dokumentów

Benefits of robotization of the order flow process:

  • Full control over demand and the order flow process
  • Time saved thanks to minimization of manual labor
  • Lower risk of errors or document loss
  • Easy access to documents from any place in the world
  • Data about all orders gathered in a single place